Episode 3

Published on:

21st Jun 2020


What's a fad? You may know it when you see it but Kendall breaks it down for us so we can better understand what they are ... and what they aren't. And naturally, we can't get through this without mentioning at least a thousand fads we all remember.

Drink of the Episode: White Claw

Recipe - Go to the store and buy a pack of White Claw. Open box. Open one can. Drink.

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Amateur Intellectuals is a podcast where two friends bring their curiosity and irreverent sense of humor as they explore a myriad of intellectual topics. Equipped with the fervor and qualifications non-experts, Master of Communication Caitlin and Bachelor of No Fine Art Kendall challenge their minds and livers as they laugh, learn, and libate with an on-theme cocktail.

Each Sunday, Caitlin and Kendall bring their thirst for knowledge (and alcohol) as they tackle new topics, share personal stories and laugh hard along the way - as only Amateur Intellectuals can.