Episode 13

Published on:

18th Apr 2021

Death 💀

It's coming for all of us no matter what so let's at least have a drink and learn about it because perhaps - with a bit of knowledge - that Grim Reaper won't seem so scary.

Caitlin gives a broad overview of death; some things to expect physically, emotionally and culturally. We promise you'll feel better about death after you've listened than you currently do. Cross our hearts and hope to die.

Drink of the Episode: Gateway to heaven


• 1 oz pineapple rum

• ½ oz peach schnapps

• 1 oz sweet and sour mix

• 1 and ½ ox Hypnotiq

• 1 oz island punch pucker

• Lemon lime soda

• Rim: blue sugar


• Rim the edge of your glass with blue sugar. Set aside.

• In a shaking glass with ice, combine pineapple rum, hpnotiq, peach schnapps, island punch pucker, and sweet & sour mix. Shake well.

• Strain mix into rimmed glass over ice and top with lemon lime soda.

• Garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.

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