Episode 20

Published on:

20th Jun 2021

Greek Mythology πŸ”±πŸ”₯🌩️

Overthrowing parents to seize power. Infinite torture as petty revenge. Sex with a bull. (Shudder-gags)

On this episode, Caitlin introduces us to some Greek mythology, because who doesn't love some timeless drama? Grab a drink and get comfy because it's story time.

Drink of the Episode: Ambrosia

β€’ 1 oz Cognac

β€’ 1 oz Calvados or apple brandy

β€’ ΒΌ oz lemon juice

β€’ ΒΌ oz Cointreau (kaan-trow)

β€’ Brut champagne, chilled

β€’ And Ice cubes

Add ice cubes in a mixer and pour cognac, calvados or apple brandy, lemon juice and Cointreau. Cover and shake. Open the cap and strain in a serving glass, usually a flute. Pour champagne until glass is filled.

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