Episode 6

Published on:

28th Feb 2021

The Blair Witch Project

*Turns on flashlight under face* ... Have you heard of the Blair Witch? We know a guy who knows a guy who had a firsthand encounter, so... 

On this episode, Kendall explains how the creators of this famous franchise took unprecedented (legendary!) steps to get the creepies moving well before the movie came out. That, along with some visionary movie-making decisions, turned this low budget film into an all-time classic. Even if you don't like horror movies, this one's on the list to watch because it changed the way scary movies are made. SPOILERS ahead so if you haven't gotten around to watching it in the last 22 years since it came out, go ahead and watch it before joining us!

Drink of the Episode: The Black Eyed Stickman


1 Orange peel and luxardo cherry


3/4 oz Lemon juice

1/4 oz Simple syrup

Beer, Wine & Liquor

1 dash Aromatic bitters

1 1/4 oz Bourbon

1 1/4 oz Vodka


0.50 oz St. Germain

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