Episode 19

Published on:

13th Jun 2021

The Chicks 🎸πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯🎻

Cowboy, take me away because I'm not ready to make nice. I need wide open spaces and I'm ready, ready, ready, ready to run.

No, that's not just Kendall's mantra, it's some wise words from a trio of trendsetters, pioneers and button-pushers, The Chicks (formerly known as the Dixie Chicks). Kendall schools us on who they always were as a band and group icon, how they're adapting to a changing world and why we should adore them now more than ever. Grab a drink and let's go!

Drink of the Episode: Twisted Tea

INGREDIENTS: Just a Twisted Tea (Hard Iced Tea brand). Maybe add an ounce of peach schnapps if you want to make it a Twisted Peach Tea.

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