Episode 18

Published on:

6th Jun 2021

Video Games 🎮

X-box, Playstation, Oculus or Switch... the video game industry is making serious bank, so let's learn a little about how it got there and where it's headed. Caitlin is First Player on this video games episode. Don't worry though... she set it on easy mode.

Drink of the Episode: Sonic the Hedgehog

This one’s a shot and it’s easy to make. It’s…

1 part Grenadine

2 parts Mentholmint schnapps

4 parts blue curacao.


It’s supposed to be a layered shot, so get a tall shot glass. Pour the Grenadine first, gently add the schnapps and top it with the Blue Curacao. It’ll look like Sonic’s red shoes, his legs and then his blue body on top.

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